7 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Reset Failed Issue

When your Windows PC acts up and none of the solutions work, Reset resetting it to the factory state might fix it. If that’s your only option, taking a backup is a must, unless you can’t do that either. Many users are often unable to reset Windows 10 on their laptops or desktops. For some users, Windows reset

6 Best 4K Video Players for Windows 10

Majority of smartphones today play 4K video content without breaking a sweat on your palms. That said, many enjoy watching 4K content on a smart TV, Mac, or desktop. That should make you wonder how because Windows 10 does offer a native video player, but it doesn’t support the 4K resolution. We’ve hand-picked a few reliable and

How to Pass­word Pro­tect PDF File on Win­dows

Work from home has enabled a new workflow for the majority of folks. No working directly with co-workers and take coffee breaks in the office. Also, sharing sensitive documents and passing files among employees online has become a bit stressful. After all, you won’t want any third-party to get access to the latest quarterly earnings, sales

Guide to Using Split Screen in Windows 10

Windows makes multitasking feel like a cakewalk. You can keep several windows open at the same time and use any of them. Improving on the same feature, Windows 10 offers a split-screen functionality. What is the split screen feature in Windows 10? And how to use it? Find the answer here. You don’t need to buy

Top Figma Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Figma has been gaining traction in the design space. Sketch software mostly dominates the UI/UX design industry. But the latest offerings by Adobe (Adobe XD) and Figma with flexible pricing, seamless sharing, and cross-platform availability are changing the equation for the UI/UX designers out there. Figma’s availability on Web, Windows, and macOS, coupled with its excellent Starter

How To Back­up Dri­vers in Win­dows Computer

If you reinstalling Windows Dri­vers then locating all the necessary driver files from vendor’s website (if you don’t have a driver recovery cd), and installing them one by one is definitely a pain. Read this device drivers page on Wikipedia if you are not sure what are these exactly. You can use the handy software called Driver Max which