5 Best Time Man­age­ment Apps for Win­dows 10

Time is the one resource that you cannot regenerate. It only knows how to move forward, and can’t turn back, for now. What you can do is manage and measure time effectively to get everything you want to be done. That’s where time management apps for Windows 10 comes in.


Time management apps come in different flavors. Some will help you track the time spent while others will help you manage tasks too. Which one should you use will depend on your needs, work environment, and goals you want to achieve.

Let’s begin.


Clockify is a robust task and time management app that is free to use and available on all popular platforms. You begin with creating a project under which you will create clients. You can then create tasks/subtasks and assign them to different clients and projects. When everything is set up, just select the task and begin the timer. Clockify offers detailed reports on time spent on different tasks and associated clients and projects. You can also track billable hours if working as a freelancer.

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Where Clockify was designed to track time spent on tasks, clients, and projects, RescueTime was designed to help you find more time for yourself. The app will log time in the background while you work on your favorite apps, sites, and tasks. You don’t have to enter time manually or even begin the timer. This amazing time management app for Windows 10 is platform-agnostic, so you can pick up where you left on other devices. At the end of the day, you will know where your day went and where you can cut back. You do have the option of not tracking certain apps and sites, to safeguard your privacy.


Todoist is meant for managing tasks and the time that you spend on it. It’s a to-do app, first and foremost. You begin with creating projects or lists of tasks and sub-tasks (using natural language) that are important to you and set reminders where necessary. When everything is accounted for, you don’t have to remember or worry about anything. When the time come, you will know what needs to be done with all the details you need.

View your entire day’s schedule at a single glance and plan your day accordingly. You can reorder and prioritize tasks and set recurring ones too. Are you working with a team? Delegate tasks to other members of the team and track progress in real-time. Team members can communicate with each other using comments and attach files from their favorite cloud storage sites.


Toggl works a lot like Clockify, but is even more powerful. You begin the same way by creating teams, projects, tasks, and labels to track and manage time on Windows 10 and other devices. It takes a leaf out of RescueTime and tracks sites and apps that you use in the background too. You can also set keywords to trigger the timer.
One common problem with time management apps for Windows 10 is that the timer keeps running even when you are not active on your computer. Toggl solves this problem with the Idle Detection feature. Then there is a Pomodoro timer that is known to boost productivity by allowing users to focus on tasks in short bursts of time.

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Focus To-Do is a free time management app for Windows 10 that combines all the essential features into one free app. You get a task manager, a Pomodoro timer, and a time manager all rolled into one neat UI.

You begin with creating tasks that need your attention. You can set reminders for tasks where necessary. Once you have created a working to-do list, you can use the Pomodoro timer to focus on the task that needs immediate attention. Other useful features include adding notes and subtasks to create mini-projects.


Time is precious, and if you don’t learn to respect it and give it the due attention it deserves, time will leave you behind. Using one of the above time management apps for Windows 10 will help you get more things done in the same amount of time, while still finding much-needed me time. Let us know which time management app are you using and why in the comments below.