How To Correct 0xc000012f (Negative Image) Mistakes in Home windows 10 (SFC File Checker + VC ++)

The 0xc000012f mistake is brought about by Windows staying unable to study data files / libraries it involves to operate.

If you&#39re going through the error with Windows 10, it&#39s generally brought on by Visible C ++ – or can be the final result of misplaced documents, drivers or other difficulties.

The mistake will normally show as follows:

MSVCP120.dll is both not intended to operate on Windows or it has an mistake. Try out installing the software again working with the first installation media or speak to your process administrator or the program vendor for help. Error standing 0xc000012f

To nip the difficulty in the bud, the most typical bring about of the challenge will come from a corrupted / ruined Visual C ++ installation .

Visible C ++ is a established of documents / libraries that permit application apps to run with distinctive features.

If you&#39re viewing glitches with “MSVCPxxx.dll”, these files are named following distinctive variations of VC ++ (MS / Microsoft VCP / Visible C PlusPlus xxx / Variation) and are mounted with the numerous “Visual C ++ Redistributable” packages that are accessible on the internet.

The most important factor you require to do is discern which version of VC ++ is causing the problem. This can be done by pinpointing the selection inside of the file with the version of VC ++:

  • VC ++ 2012 – Model 11.
  • VC ++ 2013 – Edition 12.
  • VC ++ 2015 – Version 14.
  • VC ++ 2017 – Edition 14.1

If you&#39re seeing faults with “MSVCP120.dll”, it usually means that Visible C ++ Redistributable 2013 is not installed correctly.

The cause this is essential is that a range of software program applications can be made to use selected VC ++ offers to run. If this offer is missing from your method, it will elevate an error this sort of as what you&#39re dealing with.

To resolve this difficulty, you will need to 1st guarantee that you can resolve any main difficulties with VC ++ and then repair prospective problems within just Windows.


1. Reinstall VC ++

The initially phase is to reinstall the Visible C ++ Redistributable that&#39s becoming cited as owning an mistake.

The way to do this is basically easy:

  • In Windows 7, click on on “Get started”> “Manage Panel”> “Applications + Characteristics”
  • In Windows 10, right-click onto the “Start” button, pick “Applications and Attributes”
  • From the list that appears, scroll down to the “Microsoft Visible C ++ Redistributable” listings
  • With the record higher than (VC ++ 2012 / Version 11.) – you need to establish which version of VC ++ is leading to the challenge
  • To do this, you get the MSVCPxxx.dll error and match the “xxx” to the version of VC ++ mentioned higher than.
  • For illustration, MSVCP110.dll mistakes are triggered by VC ++ 2012
  • Just after identifying the variation of VC ++ triggering the situation, pick out it and push “Uninstall”
  • If there are multiple listings (you may have the x64 + x86 versions), take away each
  • Restart the system

Immediately after restarting, you&#39ll then need to have to un-register any remnants of the VC ++ files that could be causing concerns.

2. RegSvr32

Windows uses “DLL” (Dynamic Hyperlink Library) information as “libraries”.

This implies that any time a piece of software is built on the Windows system, it can get in touch with particular third-occasion DLL information to attain functionality that would have taken months to develop manually.

Visible C ++ redistributable offers are Microsoft&#39s contribution to this suitable – furnishing builders with a amount of main capabilities which do not exist without having the VC ++ deals.

The issue is that any time a piece of program employs a piece of application that involves a DLL, it will connect with up a central “registry” databases which lists the files that Home windows has.

You&#39re capable to “sign up” and “un-sign-up” DLL information from this databases – which is probable likely to be one particular of the main reasons for your error exhibiting.

To do this, you want to follow these measures:

  • Push “Home windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
  • Style “CMD” and press “Okay”
  • Variety “regsvr32 / u msvcpxxx.dll” (exactly where the xxx is the selection of the file you just removed from the VC ++ set up checklist)
  • This will absolutely eliminate the file from Windows&#39 central repository

Soon after undertaking this, it will also be really worth examining for it in C: / Home windows / Method32:

  • Click on “File Explorer”
  • Browse to C: / Windows / Procedure32
  • Look for for the file cited in your process&#39s mistake
  • If it&#39s there, pick and push “Delete”
  • This will ship it to “Recycle Bin” (so we can just set it back if there are any difficulties)

Following performing this, Restart your Computer (again).

3. Re-Install VC ++ Redistributable

Future, you&#39ll want to re-put in the correct VC ++ redist offer from Microsoft.

This will not only set the right file back again onto your program, but * need to * fix any corrupt references to it.

To do this, you must follow these techniques:

  • Click on to your world-wide-web browser of alternative
  • Lookup for “Visual C ++ Redistributable downloads Microsoft”
  • You should really click on on a webpage with the title “The most current supported Visible C ++ redistributable downloads”
  • Scroll down to the variation which you set up beforehand
  • Obtain whichever variations you experienced installed (if you had the two x86 + x64 versions – down load both of those)
  • After downloaded, look through to your downloads folder and install the x86 variation initial, followed by the x64 version
  • Immediately after the installation completes, restart your system

The restart should really give you the possibility to then test the computer software throwing the error. If it does not show any far more, it commonly implies the dilemma has been fastened.

If the mistake persists, it suggests a defect difficulty with Windows.


If you&#39re however seeing the mistake, it signifies you most likely have some sort of situation inside Windows alone.

The greatest way to resolve these is to use the SFC & DISM offers, which are constructed into every Windows program:

  • Press “Windows” + “S” keys on your keyboard
  • Type “CMD” into the lookup box
  • When the listing appears, suitable-click on on to the best listing and find “Operate As Administrator”
  • When the Window hundreds, variety the subsequent:
  • “SFC / scannow” + press “Enter”
  • Following this, type “DISM / On the net / Cleanup-Picture / RestoreHealth” and then press “Enter”
  • As soon as entire, restart your program

Following the restart, the system really should start off operating yet again.

If you do the higher than, and are nevertheless encountering mistakes, it suggests a defect error inside of Home windows by itself.

To solve this, you&#39ve bought to gauge the viewpoint of anyone with particular knowledge of your process. Of course, this can not be completed via an World-wide-web posting on your own.

Source by Richard Peck