11 Best Notion Tem­plates for Per­son­al Use

Notion, a modular productivity app, is witnessing a surge in its user base, as noted in its recent valuation. Initially, Notion made the software free of cost for teachers and students. And now, the San-Francisco based startup is making Notion free for personal use. Earlier, the free plan allowed up to 1000 blocks and file uploads up to

Use White­board in Zoom and Oth­er Tricks

Zoom software usage is at its peak. While working from home, Zoom packages enough features to host virtual meetings and webinars. From teachers conducting online teaching classes to small-medium offices exchanging ideas with their clients — all can make the best of it. And whenever such exchange in involved, users should utilize screen sharing and Whiteboard features

7 Best Win­dows 10 Task View Set­tings in 2020

Microsoft continues to pump Windows 10 with exciting new features and elements with each new update. From dark mode to the dynamic lock of Windows, the list is pretty long. However, one feature that stands out and yet remains underrated is Task View. This simple feature aids you in being more productive and helps you to work more efficiently and

How to Use White­board in Microsoft Teams

In response to the growing popularity of Slack, Microsoft finally announced Microsoft Teams for organizations. Also, the software giant continues to add new features to the Teams. While it closely competes with Slack, Zoom, and others, Microsoft highlights collaboration as a specific component of the Teams app. When it comes to collaboration, the Teams allows users

Windows 10 Taskbar Clock Display Seconds

The taskbar clock of Windows 10 can show the exact time up to the seconds. This function involves the enabling of a registry hack and operates only on Windows 10. Taskbar clock early beta versions did not display seconds. This induced performance issues in the 90s, however, and the function was eliminated before Windows 95

Windows Mobile application development

Mobile and compact devices become more and more popular in our society. Each of us faces with them every day. Certainly each of us has mobile phone, hand-held computers or other hi-tech devices. All of these devices have different mobile platforms. There are such known platforms as Windows MobileM, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Android, Maemo, OpenMoko etc. All of them have different history

Disable Transparency Effects in Windows 10

Disable Windows 10 OS is constantly evolving with many features and fluent design is the part of that evolution. Acrylic is one of the five other elements of Microsoft’s announced fluent design which adds transparency effect that reveals the desktop wallpaper or any other window positioned in the background of the currently active window. Microsoft

iPhone Web­cam App Is Bet­ter on Windows

Work from home is the new norm these days. The sudden change in the workflow has spiked the demand for work from home tools and accessories such as webcams, routers, microphones, standing desks, and more. They are either out of stock or cost 2x/3x than the original price. Also, a good webcam is crucial for video calls. If