Top VScode Shortcuts For Mac and Windows

VScode Visual studio code is source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is used for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, as well as code refactoring. VScode is free and open-source which is released under the permissive MIT license.


Foremost, the Vscode is an editor which delightfully frictionless edit, build and debug your program. And in less time to execute the ideas, that’s why the developers, especially front-end developers use this to frame their application.

In VScode there is some extension which makes fiddling codes more easy and fun by changing colors and auto-debugging tools.

Now next move to the shortcuts of VScode.

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Top VScode Shortcuts For macOS and Windows

1. Search text through all files at once

It is the most favorite feature of VScode, the ability to search any matching text everywhere all of your files in the project directory.

  • Shortcut for mac: Control+shift+F
  • Shortcut for Windows: Ctrl+Shift+F

After using this shortcut, you see that the sidebar to your left and you can type any text that you want to search. It is easy for developers and saves time. As well as this feature helps to replace the text in the directory.

2. Re-open a Closed Editor

This use in your huge project, when you are working on so many files at the same time. it is quite frustrating while working like this and suddenly or mistakenly you close your tab and search for it but VScode had a clue for you-

  • Shortcut for mac and Windows: Ctrl+shift+T

This command re-open the closed editor and the developer don’t search for it again and again from the menu.

3. Matching text to open your file

This will help the developer to open his/her file by matching the text.

  • Use Ctrl+T for macOS and Windows,

It is one of the favorite features because the developers don’t need to manually click to the directories to re-open the file. And it saves their time as well. You might have a Go-To Symbol in the file window by the press this command.

4. To select everything (from Home to End)

This feature is used to select everything from top to bottom by selecting the text or code from editing or delete.

  • Use shortcut: Control+shift+Home/Endit is used in both macOS and Windows.

And this will improve the efficiency in getting things done in code and it is simply quicker.

5. To delete the Previous word

It is very useful in the situation when you make a typo or a long sentence and hate to press backspace to remove the text to delete the part you want. This command used for that.

  • For macOS: Control+delete and,
  • For Windows: ctrl+backspace

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6. To select in the text (word by word)

It is a very interesting feature of VScode shortcut, by this can easily select your text word by word.

  • Shortcut for macOS: Control+Shift+right arrow for the right side and Control+Shift+left arrow for the left.
  • Shortcut for Windows: Ctrl+shift+right arrow for right and Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow for left side.

It is very useful for developers to select words faster.

7. To create a duplicate line

  • Shortcut for macOS: Control+shift+D
  • Shortcut for Windows: Ctrl+Shift+D

This feature is known to make a duplicate line of any text.

8. To move from beginning to end of the file

It is the quickest way to get or drag your cursor to the first or last line of the file by using VScode shortcut.

  • For mac: Control+Home to go to home and Control+End to go to the end.
  • For Windows: Ctrl+home to go to home and Ctrl+End to go to the end.

Without using cursor you move from Beginning to End.

9. To replace matching Occurrences of text in the file

VScode provides a change in all occurrences features. You can select any group of text and modify it according to yourself.

  • For mac: Control+F2
  • For Windows: Ctrl+F2

10. To deleting line

There are two ways to deleting the line:

Overwriting the clipboard.

  • For mac: Control+X
  • For Windows: Ctrl+X

Preserving the clipboard.

  • For mac: Control+Shift+K
  • For Windows: Ctrl+Shift+K

As above there are top VScode shortcuts for both macOS and Windows users which help them to develop and work to create amazing applications.