Xactimate Software Training – How to Add Doors and Windows With the Sketch Tool

When trying to add doors and windows into the Xactimate sketch area, there are several ways to accomplish this task. The first way is to utilize the door or window tool in sketch. The second is to select a door or window in the price list and then add it.

Once you decide how you are going to add the door or window the next step is to decide what type of door or window you will add. There are multiple types of doors and windows in the program. So needless to say you have to know what type of window or door you are going to add before you actually do it.

Now that you have selected the type of door or window that you need, the next thing is to get it into the project. When adding it in the sketch screen you will utilize the drag and drop method for either a door or a window. Once selected, move your cursor out over the sketch field where you want the door or window to be, then just left click and drop it into place. If you have the defaults set to a door or window size you do not want, you can just override it and resize it to what ever you need.

To accomplish a resize, you will click on the door or window that you want, which will highlight it. Then you will grab one of the handles along the edges and pull it out to the desired size. At this point you should have a door or a window where you want it. The next thing to do is to deal with the orientation of the unit. If the unit is not oriented properly you will use the vertical and horizontal flip tools to get it the way you want it.

With a few tweaks, you should have your door or window unit exactly right.

Source by Cathy Yeatts